April 21, 2020

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Online City Consultancy's web development team is putting the user interface and user experience on the top of the list

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Provide quality customer journey to your website visitors

Pushing our mission of shaping tomorrow's business premium digital presence, Online City Consultancy's web development team is putting the user interface and user experience on the top of the list.

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Online City Consultancy believes that the essence of any online presence is the quality customer journey provided to the user.

Thus, choosing a customer journey experience is always the main objective; when developing a website; rather than the superficial interface design.

To adopt the following mission, Online City Consultancy's web development team issued 7 UI UX inspirational templates, on an interactive canvas that can be found on the following link.

The following templates are industry specific, and tackle all the design aspirations our clients seek to build on.

Sole proprietorship and additional benefits

Moreover, Online City Consultancy will be providing multiple benefits to clients choosing to integrate one of the seven templates provided by the team, such as:

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  • Sole proprietorship of the design and user interface
  • Lifetime assistance and customer support
  • 250+ integrated features
  • CMS implementation
  • SEO Optimised content
  • Cross Device compatibility
  • Google Analytics integration

The following benefits safeguards the transition towards an enhanced customer journey experience while prioritizing the user experience and user interface.

Bookings and integration

All bookings will be taking place on the following link.

Once the request is received by our team, Online City Consultancy will get in touch with the responsible party and set a meeting in order to draft the project requested.

Finally, the integration process will take place on a case by case basis, thus to adapt to the customer needs and special requests.


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