May 5, 2020

How powerful the voice of your brand?

Brand Monitoring and Online Reputation Management, is the art of tracking and involving into activities to fully understand your online public impressions, and much more.

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People are regularly talking about your brand, whether you like it or not, through various Social Media platforms, online review sites, community forums and blog comments, well your brand has already made an impression.

So many questions rise on what customers are saying the business? How are they interacting with it and its content? Are you being able to prevail a good or bad reputation?

With all the noise striking around your brand, it can sometimes be difficult to monitor what’s being said. Brand Monitoring and Online Reputation Management, is the art of tracking and involving into activities to fully understand yet improve your online public impressions, to help in finding new users to engage with, to be informed about the conversations with your brand, and most importantly to monitor the moves of your competitors.


Being a crucial part of your business and marketing strategy, whether you are a small or large enterprise, monitoring your brand helps you capture the voice of the people. Bear in mind that trends and communications are moving fast with the growth of the industry and you need to keep up with it!    

Here are few key channels you need to consider in monitoring the performance and reputation of both your brand and your customers:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Blogs and Online Publications
  • Broadcast Media
  • Review Sites
  • Print Media (e.i: Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)
  • Forums


Let’s begin by taking the example of a hotel that is looking to understand and know what people and customers are talking about its reputation, its overall experience, customer service, etc. One way to monitor what’s being said about the business is by monitoring review sites such as TripAdvisor; tracking and interacting with the reviews. It’s always important to quickly respond to reviews and feedback to showcase potential customers that you are always available to listen while providing a unique seamless experience.
Whether a review or feedback was positive or negative, you always should provide a sign of appreciation as they dedicated time and effort to give their opinion.

You, at all time, should provide a sign of appreciation as they dedicated time and effort to give their opinion.

There are many ways to stay on top of reviews and reduce your churn yet ignoring them can only be harmful for you.


As the industry is growing, trends are becoming more and more challenging, hence monitoring your brand can help you keep an edge over your competitors. By tracking backlinks and search results, you will be able to know when and where competitors are performing better than your business and ranking higher in keywords.
To improve traffic and sales of your business, investing in Search Engine Optimization brings value to your business while considering analytical tools to measure and draw the online performance of both you and your competitors.

It’s good to always remember that your competitors have weaknesses, consider tackling them!


The psychology and emotions of customers are impactful insights for your brand. With the help of analytics tools, you will be able to assess how customers do feel about your brand, how they are feeling that way and most importantly, you want to know if they are buying your story; are they satisfied and happy with what they bought or upset and regret making a purchase ?

By choosing which platform you would like to assess, and by highlighting the keywords associated with your brand, you will be able to conclude what people are feeling about your offerings.


One of the important ways to monitor your brand is by interacting and communicating with your customers and fanbase. Getting as close as possible with them and humanizing your brand, a stronger bond and relationship will be established between both parties; indulging trust and credibility. Yet the best way to monitor your brand on social media is to keep searches saved in your favorite tool, as customers might not check-in or even tag your brand, however they may use a hashtag designated with your brand or brand name in their post.


Collecting feedback and reviews, listening and hearing what they have to say about your products and services are insightful tactics to your business as they bring you as close as possible to what your customers want, what they are missing and what are they searching for to satisfy their needs.

With that, you will be able to design a clear pattern on what your product or service lacks and where to improve.


While applying the process of monitoring your brand, you will be able to find new trajectory on how to draw your content to present to your audience. With clear benchmarking and extensive research, you will be able to design content featuring your brand while responding to your industry’s needs; social media content, articles and newspapers, blogs, influencers post, reviews, etc.

Opting to this approach will stimulate your very own content marketing strategy, to meet and appeal to the language used by your audience yet make them interact and establish an emotional bond with it.

Brand monitoring is an essential part of your business as it guides you on how your own customers are feeling towards you brand and its various products or services and what are they talking about it. More, it helps you in your Crisis Management strategy by keeping you away from any social crisis and secure a healthy brand reputation. Not to forget, that those tactics used to monitor your brand can be deployed for understanding and tracking your competitors’ moves and fast changing trends.

For instance, we at Online City Consultancy, ensure that brand monitoring, crisis management and reporting are mutually exclusive when working with any of its clients. An example could be Qatch, a sushi place located at the very heart of Beirut offering wide variety of premium seafood and deliver aims in delivering unique experiences for its customers. Upon its launch, extensive motioning was executed over all the social presence of the brand; Instagram, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Zomato as well as the Google Business. Fast response to reviews and feedback, daily, weekly and monthly reporting, audience and competitors reactions,  content monitoring, were all part of the smart strategy and plan we had for Qatch to secure a healthy and strong positioning in its market and industry.

How you track your performance, monitor your brand and keep a keen eye one what your competitors are doing, is up to you. If you prefer not to have all the hassle scattered around, Online City Consultancy can guide you through the efficient and optimal tools, through smart analytical reports and visualization by giving you topics and keywords that are frequently mentioned with your handle coming in hand with the listening report.


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